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INDIBA Face & Neck Tightening

INDIBA Face & Neck Tightening

Tighten, lift, & stimulate collagen production without downtime

Most women start seeing signs of ageing in their skin from the age of 30. Without any active intervention, these signs will continue to progress as you go through menopause, which gradually reduces the amount of collagen your skin naturally produces. 

Collagen gives the skin its plumpness and tightness. As the amount of it decreases over time, it will inevitably cause skin to sag. This is most evident firstly in the jaw and then in the hands and neck.

A surgical face lift would often be too drastic for most of us. But with INDIBA, non-surgical face lifts have become a possibility. 

The INDIBA Technology

Another branch of the INDIBA technology, INDIBA® Deep Beauty is developed for facial rejuvenation, which includes skin tightening in the areas of the face and neck.

INDIBA® Deep Beauty encourages healthy cell function and revitalisation by sending radiofrequency of exactly 448 kHz directly to the deep layer of your skin where collagen fibres lie. 

In doing so, this non-surgical skin tightening treatment causes thermal and sub-thermal effects:

  • Biostimulation (sub-thermal)

Increases cell metabolism and circulation, and stimulates fibroblasts (collagen-producing cells).

  • Vascularisation (thermal)

Increase demand for oxygen and blood flow, boosts cell metabolism, and encourages drainage.

  • Hyperactivation (hyperthermal)

Breaks down fatty deposits, removes toxins, further boosts cell metabolism, and stimulates collagen production.

The whole process does not require raising the temperature of your skin tissue, which protects the tissue from heat damage and accelerates the recovery process without any side effects.

INDIBA for Skin Tightening

INDIBA skin tightening is a non-invasive treatment that has proven effective in producing results – akin to that of a face lift – from the first session. The patented Proionic® system uses capacitive and resistive technology to promote collagen production which:

  • Tightens the skin and reduces sagginess
  • Tightens neck jowls
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Initial treatment will produce immediate contraction of collagen fibres. With repeated treatments over time, results will continually be enhanced.

What is an INDIBA skin tightening treatment like?

The first step to treatment is a thorough cleansing of the neck and face.

Thereafter, the INDIBA tool is smoothly glided over the lymphatic drainage points on the neck and face. This lymphatic massage allows toxins to be removed from the skin, as the rejuvenation treatment begins.

The same tool is then glided over the whole face, eye, and neck areas. A second frequency is used to treat the lower levels of the skin to achieve even more tightening.

The final step is when the tool is placed on the therapist’s arm, allowing the radiofrequency to flow through her fingertips into your skin. This particular method allows the therapist to work on areas like the eyes where the skin is thinner and hence more sensitive.

Following the INDIBA face lift, other prescriptive products and sunscreen are applied. Although there are little side effects, always make sure to apply sunscreen to protect your skin from potential sun damage. Applying sunscreen is an important part of skincare and should nonetheless be incorporated into your skincare routine.

INDIBA can target the following areas on the face and body:

Under-eye bagsCheeksForeheadDouble Chin
Neck & DecolleteBra HandlesAbdomenLove Handles
Saddle Bags (Thighs)Flabby ArmsHandsLegs
ButtocksOedematous CelluliteAdipose CelluliteFibrotic Cellulite

What results can I expect?

The INDIBA skin tightening treatment produces immediate results as it delivers energy directly to the collagen fibres, stimulating collagen production. However, results would vary across individuals.

For best results, the recommended treatment plan includes weekly treatment sessions for a duration of 4 weeks, followed by maintenance sessions of once a month.

Regular treatments enable your collagen structure to remodel, extending the lifted effect. At the same time, the increased cellular metabolism will remove fat deposits under your chin and jaw, giving you a slimmer, more youthful look.

Remember, however, that this is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment and will not produce the same drastic results as a surgical face lift. Hence, this treatment works best for individuals with mild-to-moderate skin laxity and signs of ageing.

Who is suitable for INDIBA skin tightening?

The INDIBA technology is suitable for all skin types and tones. This particular treatment to address skin laxity targets:

Premature ageing, so it can be used as a preventive method
Sagging jawline or fat deposits around the jawline and chin
Tight jaw muscles

Is there any downtime?

The INDIBA face lift is sometimes referred to as a lunchtime treatment, because it takes just about 20 to 60 minutes. Despite its short treatment, this non-surgical face lift safely tightens and smoothens your skin with low to zero downtime. You can return to your daily activities immediately after treatment.

You may experience some redness but this is not obvious and usually subsides quickly. There are no other known side effects.

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